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Hello, I am glad you made it here. Now let me tell you a little about myself. First of all my name is Chris (it is actually Chrisostomos but you probably won’t be able to pronounce that) and I am 32 years old. I love the Beatles, my fiancee, Tarantino and the marvel superheroes  (not in that specific order).

I am a photography enthusiast and a professional videographer based in Ithaki Greece.


Early Years

I grew up on the small island of Ithaki and lived there my entire childhood.

The first time I held a camera was when I was 7 years old and I haven’t let go.

My father had a cannon ΕΧ 35mm film camera that he would let me use and also gave me his old Kodak 110 film to play with.

Later on as a teenager I was captivated by the digital cameras and started shooting and editing funny videos for my friends.

Yep, that’s me (no comments on the shoes please).

Later years and Studies

When I was 18 I moved to Larisa (a city in the north of Greece) where I studied Business Administration in Tourism.

There I bought my first DSLR camera and started shooting and editing videos again, just for fun.



When I came back home I soon realized that I wanted to live in Ithaki permanently. so together with my girlfriend (now fiancee) we opened a shop called Nostalgia, where we create and sell jewelry and souvenirs.

My love for video shooting grew a lot over the years and I started filming and editing wedding videos, first as a favor to a friend then as a hobby. Over the years that hobby grew in to a profession.


Other Hobbies

 In my free time if I’m not editing something on my PC I’m either playing video games or watching movies and TV-Series. I also really like travelling (who doesn’t though) and driving around on my motorcycle.



I use sony mirrorless cameras. I have the a6500 and  the a6300. Depending on the situation I use a combination of the two cameras with various lenses and either a gimbal, a monopod or a tripod.


Wedding, Christening footage

There are two different layouts that I work depending on what you prefer.

  • Full Video

I use two cameras and microphone at the ceremony, the party and the speeches. Usually one camera on a tripod for close ups and the other with a wide angle lens while I’m moving around. You get all the footage edited with the best footage out of the two cameras, and a small video (usually around 4-7 minutes) with music and the highlights.

This is the best choice if you prefer me to pay more attention on you having all the footage of your wedding, and not so much on the highlight video.

  • Highlights Only

I use two cameras, not recording all the time while I move around shooting from various angles all the best moments of your wedding. Not having to record continuously gives me the opportunity and the space (you don’t want me in your video) to move around (kind of like a photographer) to get more creative and shoot the best footage in order to create a great short film with all the highlights.

No matter what you choose, in the end you will get Short film with soundtrack of your choice of all your wedding highlights, because lets face it, the long, traditional wedding videos would get watched only once and then put aside. This video is small (4-10 mins) emotional and you can share it with everyone online (can also be password protected).

I like for my videos to not only make you remember the day, but to give you the chance to relive it.

There is only one of me so don’t hesitate to contact me to secure your dates.

Feel free to ask me anything

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