Unplugged – Short Film

The excessive use of internet, especially by young ages, is becoming more and more a problem. The way that children spend their leisure time has changed a lot and internet has played a vital role in that. Society has to make a great effort so that do not lose control of the situation. We should mind more for parks and playgrounds, but first of all, we should mind more for our children and make sure we provide a prosper future for them.

Short film made in Ithaca Greece.
Starring – Andreas Pefanis
Script/Direction – Blerim Dylja & Thodoris Grivas
Video/editing: Chrisostomos Tsindilas


Necropolis purple-planet.com
The Duel bensound.com
Creepy bensound.com
Relaxing bensound.com
Deep Blue bensound.com
Rhynos Theme Kevin MacLeod

The statistics are from the research «Παιδιά και Διαδίκτυο» (Children and the internet) that took place in Greece from the Cyber Crime department of Greece.

“The difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are fully aware that they are not free” Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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